Beautiful Star

Friday, December 16, 2011

My life is so black and dark ....
Did not know my pa da colors that will adorn the color of my life is ..
and give it to her dark beauty in the heart of this ...!

love ...
love it like stars for me.
that its beauty can not touch me ..
even if I wanted to pick and store it in your heart ....

but what my power ...
because it's all just a beautiful dream for people like me ... "

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I Wrong?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Somehow there is this longing
in if we do not meet ..
for some reason your shadow is always present
in my dreams ..
I will miss all that exists on your
laughter, smiles, looks, and love your ..

if you allow me to be honest with you,
I love you,
I love you,
I like everything on your ..
I feel comfortable if Brada near you ..

God ..
am I wrong on this feeling that I could not reveal?
am I wrong on this longing in every shadow is present?
and sin was I when I love him and want to be a part of him?

But ..
I realized I did not deserve to himself
I realized he could not have my own
though my heart wanted to belong to her ..
let me write the story of this feeling in my heart of hearts,
no one knows ..
and let us together has been the most wonderful memories,

I believe ..
we shall certainly not united on the next day
where do I express this feeling in your ..
and let her time to answer ..

By Keno Norahuita

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Always Waiting For You

Saturday, December 3, 2011

~ Since there yourself
which always keep me company
former life felt empty
concubine turned into laughter

~ You give me attention
I was always waiting for a waiting
I want to get assurance
I want to get happiness

~ I really want you to know
how much I love you
yourself like a star
who always lighten my night

~ I really have the same taste hope you
I really hope
You can make me happy

~ Day by day
Your attention has been changed
changed to a more perfect
I'm probably not the ones who deserve to yours

~ but here I always look forward
waiting for you back
to be love in the hearts

by : dhewi widya
Translator : Ajie

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